Panini Montreal Steak Provolone_594X334_72_RGB.jpg

Montreal Steak & Provolone Panini $6.49

Our Montreal Steak & Provolone Panini combines exciting flavours all pressed to crispy perfection on our Panini grill. Featuring tender Montreal seasoned 100% Canadian shaved steak, premium provolone cheese drizzled with savoury garlic aioli sauce and topped with baby spinach, juicy tomatoes and green peppers on our freshly-prepared ciabatta bread. It’s bursting with flavour and will be sure to deliver a crave-worthy and delicious taste experience.

Panini Sweet Smokey Bacon_594X334_72_RGB.jpg

Sweet & Smoky Chicken and Bacon Panini $6.49

We just upped the taste ante with our new Sweet & Smoky Chicken and Bacon Panini, featuring layers of Rotisserie-Style chicken with sweet & smoky seasoning and maple wood smoked bacon drizzled with smoky honey mustard on our freshly-prepared ciabatta bread. Topped with juicy tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, extra Monterey Cheddar Cheese and pressed to perfection on our panini grill. It’s sure to deliver a distinctly crispy and delicious experience.

Panini Grilled Cheese Bacon_594X334_72_RGB.jpg

Grilled Cheese and Bacon $4.99

Satisfy your comfort food cravings with our Grilled Cheese and Bacon Panini. It’s the classic melty-cheese taste you love, pressed on our Panini grill. We combine Monterey cheddar and Provolone cheeses with maple wood smoked bacon. More cheese is then sprinkled on top of our freshly-prepared Ciabatta bread pressed to perfection, melding all the flavours together to deliver a warm and crispy grilled cheese experience.



B.L.T. $4.99

Introducing our new grilled wraps! Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes are topped with mayonnaise, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and grilled to tasty B.L.T. perfection.


Chicken & Bacon Ranch $6.29

Filled with rotisserie-style chicken, Maple wood smoked bacon, Monterey Cheddar cheese rolled in a tortilla and grilled to perfection, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch is the perfect combination of crispy and melty.


Chipotle Steak & Bacon $6.29

The all-new Chipotle Steak & Bacon grilled wrap!
 A delight made with 100% Canadian seasoned beef, bacon, Monterey cheddar, topped with creamy Chipotle Southwest sauce, and wrapped in a delicious tortilla that’s grilled to perfection.

*Some items may not be available in all markets. See store for details.